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Commercial buildings provide space for a wide range of businesses. However, in order to help businesses serve their customers properly, building owners must maintain their property's appearance. Otherwise, visitors may be hesitant to visit because of the appearance of reduced safety. Although it costs a good deal of money to maintain a building, especially with the added expense of utilities, building owners can keep a building looking well-maintained by contacting a Scarsdale painter to apply a fresh coat of paint.

Some of the main areas to maintain include the outside of a building, the entrance foyer, restrooms, waiting areas and offices. This is due to the high traffic activity that occurs throughout the day. Depending on the type of businesses located inside a building, building managers should expect to update wall painting at least every few years. By doing so, wall stains and repairs can be greatly reduced. If the commercial building is a school, there will be a need for frequent painting due to the probability of bumps and scratches from furniture that rubs against walls. Stains are also likely to appear as students and visitors touch the walls.

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Other businesses with high traffic may include shopping centers, hospitals, courthouses and restaurants. These businesses may service hundreds of visitors every day. As a result, building managers must conduct regular wall inspections to ensure that their property does not deter visitors rather than welcoming them. If a property owner or manager's schedule does not permit the time to evaluate wall painting, a professional painter can do an evaluation and provide an estimate.

Since commercial buildings have many rooms to paint, hiring a professional painting company is an ideal choice. This is due to the advanced painting tools and expert knowledge professional painters have about colors and brands that are stain-resistant and suitable for the clientele being served. Neutral tones are often a popular choice selected by building managers. However, bright colors may be chosen by businesses located inside the building, such as hair salons and restaurants.

Other areas within a commercial building also need to be painted. These include stairways, basements, kitchens and cafeterias. Although these areas may not be open to the public, if a commercial building is home to a large company or several companies, they may be frequented by a number of employees, and should therefore be a reminder of the importance of properly painted walls to a building's function.

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