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Painting often sounds like an easy job. Those who decide to go at it alone, however, may later find that they didn't prepare the area properly, which can lead to cracks forming in the surface of the paint and the appearance of air bubbles. Those air bubbles can immediately pull the eye to those errors and ruin the finished look of the wall. A Scarsdale painter can prep the surface to be painted and use the right tools to ensure an even finish.

One of the best tools in the arsenal of a professional painter is masking tape. Unlike duct tape and packing tape, which often leave behind a film or stick to the surface, masking tape peels away cleanly. Painters may use masking tape to block the walls, window sills and other parts of the room that do not need to be painted. Professionals may also use the tape when creating a geometric design or pattern on a wall.

Professional painters have access to a wide range of brushes and other tools that a homeowner may not. A paint roller features a handle that fits comfortably in the hand and a smooth roller on the other end.

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A painter will roll the tool through a tray filled with paint and wipe off the excess before applying the paint to the wall. This helps the paint go on smoothly without dripping.

For larger surfaces, painters will often use a sprayer. A paint sprayer contains a vessel on the bottom that holds the paint and a spray nozzle on top. Depending on the pressure applied to the sprayer tool, the paint can come out thicker and heavier or lighter and thinner. Sprayers come in various sizes that work well on any wall or floor.

Most painters will also use equipment and tools designed to protect the floors and other surfaces in the home. Drop cloths are one example. These inexpensive fabric pieces can completely cover the floors and prevent paint from staining other surfaces. Some painters use plastic sheeting that works the same way in place of drop cloths.

Depending on the condition of the surface, painters will sometimes use cleaning supplies as well. Certain chemicals can eat through stains and dirt stuck to the surface of a wall. Painters use those chemicals to remove dirt and other debris that might cause the paint to streak.

The right tools can make painting a wall, ceiling, floor or an entire room much easier. Those who do not want to invest in all the right tools might find that working with a professional painter is a more affordable choice.

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