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One of the easiest renovations that a homeowner can do to the interior of the home is to add a new coat of paint. Between choosing the quality and color of the paint, homeowners have to select from a ton of available options. However, homeowners must also choose a finish. There are five different paint finishes, and each vary in durability and suitability for different areas of the home. In order to ensure that they are choosing the right paint for the job, homeowners may wish to seek the advice of a professional Scarsdale painter.

Matte finishes have no sheen, which means that the paint does not reflect any light. Matte paints have the best coverage and, depending on the quality of the paint, are usually pigmented. This can often translate to money and time savings as it may take fewer coats to completely cover a wall. However, dirt and grime stick to matte paints and are incredibly hard to remove. As such, paint with matte finishes are not suggested for rooms that see heavy foot traffic.

Eggshell finishes also appear mostly flat but have a slight luster. The finish is often associated with a chicken's egg, hence the name of the finish. Like matte paints, the finish on eggshell paint is not the most durable, making it more suitable for rooms that are not likely to become dirty such as a home office.

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Satin finishes have a visible luster, or shine, that give the walls a velvety appearance. Paints with satin finishes are extremely durable, making them suitable for rooms that see foot traffic and may become dirty such as a bedroom. However, the shine may make wall flaws and brush strokes visible.

Paints with a semi-gloss shine are durable and easy to clean. As such, it is recommended that this paint be used in areas that may be susceptible to moisture and grease stains. Many homeowners use semi-gloss paints in their kitchens, bathrooms and on trim or chair rails.

Finally, high gloss paints are the most durable, if not the most expensive, paints available. These paints are the easiest of the finishes to clean and are sometimes chosen for areas that may regularly see dirt and grime. However, this finish is rarely used in homes due to the price and to the wall imperfections that are often extremely visible.

With so many paint choices available, it can be difficult to ensure that the correct paint has been chosen. Because paints with certain finishes can appear streaky or patchy if improperly applied, a painting contractor can provide a professional paint job devoid of imperfections.

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