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Despite some common misconceptions, not all paints are created equal. While some homeowners may only consider the differences between interior and exterior paints, there are a wide range of paints available. Each type has different applications and uses around the house. Working with a Scarsdale painter is one of the best ways to find out which paints work best for different projects.

The first thing that shoppers need to look at is latex paint versus oil-based paints. Latex paints contain one or more additives. An additive can help the paint adhere better to the wall or give the finished paint a duller or glossier finish. Latex paints work best on wood surfaces, but latex paint also adheres well to brick, stucco, vinyl and aluminum. Oil-based paints work best when applied to a surface that was coated with oil paint in the past.

A potential problem that occurs with oil-based paints is that it can crack over time. It develops a brittle surface and will require removal or cleaning before repainting that surface. Oil-based paints do not hold up well to temperature changes, which makes these a poor choice for exterior applications. When used inside, oil-based paints can also develop a yellow finish.

Choosing the right finish is just as important as selecting the right type of paint.

A painter from F&B Painting of Scarsdale NY will answer your question about commercial painting or wallpapering.

Flat paint, also known as matte paint or velvet paint, dries to a dull finish that lacks any gloss or shine. This is a good option for those concerned with imperfections. Flat paint won't show scratches, fingerprints or other mistakes that occur during the painting process.

Those who prefer a glossier finish have a number of options. Semi-gloss paint is a good choice for those who need something glossier but like the look of a flat finish. It can add just a hint of shine to a room when used on a sill, window frame or baseboards. A satin finish paint is similar to a semi-gloss paint, but a satin finish is generally easier to clean.

There are also paints available in a gloss finish, also known as a glossy finish, which has a deep shine. Though it works well on baseboards, walls and other applications, it is not the best choice for floors or high-traffic areas. Gloss paints can show a large number of imperfections, including brush marks and fingerprints.

In addition to painting the walls to ensure an even coat, a professional painter can also help a homeowner select and order the right type of paint needed for the home.

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