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When homeowners decide that it is time to redesign or renovate their indoor spaces, one of the first things that they may do is decide on a new wall covering. There are two main choices: wallpaper and paint. Within these two main categories, however, is a ide range of options and finishes that may be chosen. Those who do not know where to start may seek the advice of their trusted Scarsdale painter to help them narrow down the choices.

Wallpaper has certain advantages. Wallpaper has a long lifespan when compared to paint; it may last up to 15 years and even longer. Wallpaper can adhere to many wall surfaces and hide serious imperfections, making this wall covering a good option for homeowners with damaged walls. There are also nearly endless options for wallpaper, allowing for the homeowner to choose a suitable design that improves the overall appearance of the interior of their home. Some wallpaper designs even come with raised inks and embossed silk textures, providing a focal point for the room.

While there are many reasons a homeowner may chose wallpaper over paint, this wall covering does have some distinct disadvantages. Wallpaper must be removed before any other wall covering can be applied. Modern wallpaper is designed to come off in large sheets; older wallpaper, however, may be more difficult to remove.

A painter from F&B Painting of Scarsdale NY will answer your question about commercial painting or residential painting.

Wallpaper can be difficult to apply for those who do not have the experience, but a professional contractor may accomplish the task relatively quickly.

Paint is another popular option for many homeowners. Paint comes in many colors and finishes, and some painters can use certain painting techniques to provide a unique appearance for the homeowner. Depending on the prep work involved, painting can also be done very quickly with few supplies.

Just like wallpaper, paint also has some disadvantages. Paint has a much shorter lifespan and can become dirty or cracked. Certain finishes do not clean very easily, which can leave the wall looking dirty. Oil-based paints will have some odors, known as volatile organic compounds, that can decrease the home's indoor air quality and leave the home's occupants feeling ill. If homeowners opt to do the job themselves, there is the risk of causing paint damage to the floors and furniture.

In some cases, certain wall coverings or paint may work better for some rooms than others. An expert painting contractor may assist the homeowner in making the final decision and applying the chosen wall covering.

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