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Milk paint is probably one of the most misunderstood types of paint available today. Many people tend to think that it dries to a bright white shade that is similar to the color of milk. True milk paint actually comes in a powdered form that requires mixing with water before applying it to a surface. As some manufacturers release milk paint that is actually just a type of watered-down latex paint, it's important that those who like the finished look work with a Scarsdale painter to ensure they purchase and use the real thing.

The name "milk paint" comes from the fact that this substance contains dried milk powder. It comes in bags of powder that painters mix with a small amount of water. Depending on the amount used, some might find that they need to mix the paint again as the powder settles in the bottom. Adding too much water results in a thin liquid that takes longer to dry, and adding not enough water results in a thicker liquid that doesn't go on smoothly. Though there are some prepared milk paints available today, painters must look closely at the ingredient list and determine if it is the real deal or a thinner latex paint.

Many use this type of paint for the effect that it gives furniture and moldings.

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They can get the look of an antique piece in just a few days. It is suitable for use on both natural and painted or stained wood, plaster and other surfaces. When applied properly, painters can create a distressed or antiqued look on almost any surface.

Sanding sponges are one of the best tools for distressing with milk paint. Those who dislike the original color of the piece can apply new paint, but the milk paint will also work on surfaces and items that feature older paints and stains. After applying the milk paint and letting it dry overnight, painters will go over the area with sanding sponges and fine grit sandpaper to gently wear off and remove some of the top coat.

There are multiple ways to antique a piece with milk paint. Some painters use a small amount of fire to burn off the old paint and give the piece a darker look. Others use heavy chains and other tools to create cracks and grooves. Using milk paint with any of these techniques is a simple and easy way to turn a modern piece of furniture or plaster molding into an antique.

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