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Painting a home's exterior can make it more attractive to potential buyers when it is on the market and increase its value. For those who are going to stay in the home, a new coat of paint can protect against the elements and/or pest infestations. However, there are certain times of the year when an exterior paint job may be out of the question. How can a homeowner determine when to call a Scarsdale painter?

For the most part, paint does not adhere to a home when the temperature is less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. An exception to the rule may be made for certain types of paint that are impervious to cold weather, and they may be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees. When paint is applied during cold weather, it could take a day or longer to dry, which could cause debris to become stuck to it.

During the summer months, it is not a good idea to apply paint if the temperature is higher than 85 degrees. This is because it could dry too quickly, which may harm the overall look of the finished project regardless of the type of paint used.

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Moisture also plays a role in how well paint will go on a home's exterior, and it should not be applied if there is snow, ice or excess moisture on or around the home. When water interacts with a freshly painted surface, it could cause it to run even if oil-based products are used. Finally, make sure to complete the job several hours before any dew may develop as this could wreak havoc on any paint that has just been applied.

If possible, the project should be started and finished on a cloudy or partly cloudy day. This is because the sun could create excess heat, which could cause a home's exterior to crack and cause the paint on the exterior to crack as well. However, this may be less of an issue during the early spring months, as the sun's angle is much lower in the sky. It is also preferable to complete the project on a day where there is as little wind as possible.

The best way for a homeowner to determine when to call a painting professional for an exterior paint job is to look for several days of stable weather. Ideally, there should be moderate temperatures, low winds and as little sunlight as possible for one to three days before and after the project is complete. This will give the painter the right conditions to do the job properly while allowing the paint enough time to dry properly.

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