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While adding a spacious deck to a home may afford great benefits to a homeowner, decks also require routine maintenance. Those who spend more time caring for their decks can better protect their investment and reduce the risk of the wood bending or warping. Wood used on a deck is also susceptible to rot and can develop mildew and mold from exposure to water. Professional cleaning and maintenance companies can perform routine maintenance to keep decks clean and safe year-round.

Every spring, homeowners should clean their deck. Professional maintenance companies can use power and pressure washers that remove any mold or mildew from the surface without damaging the wood. This is also a good time to apply a new coat of sealant. That sealant dries to a clear finish that lets the natural color of the wood or the wood stain come through. If the stain is peeling or appears thin, professionals can also apply a new coat of stain to the deck.

Later in the year, homeowners should employ a cleaning and maintenance company to inspect the deck. Decks consist of a number of different parts, including the joists and supports that lift the deck up and bring it level with the house. Surrounding those joints are pieces of flashing and other materials that add additional stability. Maintenance companies can get underneath the deck to look for signs of termite damage and any rotten spots in the supports. They can also inspect the deck for any missing screws or warped boards.

Cleaning, inspecting and repairing aren't the only steps that maintenance companies take to ensure that a homeowner's deck is in pristine condition. Maintenance professionals may also inspect a deck for debris. Something as simple as a few tree branches can scratch through the surface of the sealant and leave the wood underneath exposed to the elements. They will take the time to remove that debris and ensure that it didn't cause any further damage.

Decks offer homeowners a place to entertain and relax with friends and families. Building a deck can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, and routine maintenance can keep that deck stable and looking great.

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