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The shiny luster people observe on the floor as they walk through a commercial or industrial building is usually because of epoxy coatings. As a mixture of synthetic polymers, epoxy coatings aren't the usual colored paint. It's transparent and rolls on like a paint, but has incredible durability against weathering. With a professional application, both home and commercial structures have a long-term solution to dingy floors and walls.

Schools, hospitals and manufacturing facilities have huge floor plans with constant foot traffic. Although strong tiles or linoleum are often installed, they're no match to constant weight transfers and physical damage. Epoxy coatings provide a literal strength layer. They are naturally thick while offering an attractive shine as people walk down a corridor

Home application of epoxy is usually limited to the garage. Oil stains and other vehicle liquids constantly strike the garage concrete, making it look dingy and old very quickly. Applying epoxy to this space protects the concrete from further stains and gives it a showroom quality look as homeowners drive into the space.

Painting professionals must clean the area to be treated before any epoxy is mixed. Oil stains, for instance, are probably the most difficult to clean using a degreaser. Indoor applications, such as in a hospital, are usually easy to clean initially. Professionals will take the area and job difficulty into consideration when quoting an epoxy project. The surface must be clean and dry for any coating to adhere correctly.

Epoxy coatings are often mixed on-site so the perfect consistency is achieved. They can be pure epoxy, water-based or solvent-based depending on the application. This mixing process is the main reason why a professional's expertise is critical for proper application. Using the wrong mixture only results in flaking or peeling coatings the moment anyone steps or rubs on the surface. Once rolled on and dried, the right epoxy lasts for years.

From garages to hospital hallways, epoxy coatings truly beautify an otherwise basic flooring color. Talk to a painting professional about epoxy for any business or home needs. Its applications are nearly endless and last for years with the right application technique.

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