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Adding a touch of color to a home's exterior or interior is one of the most common ways to spruce up a property, but staining is another strategy for a brand new look. For homes with wood accents or decks, there is clear maintenance required throughout the year to keep this natural material shining brightly. Interior and exterior staining projects are keys to healthy wood and a gorgeous depth to grains and color. Professionals use specific steps to ensure a stain sets properly.

Interior wood is often the easiest to prepare because it isn't subjected to weathering elements. Professionals will clean the wood with specialized cleaning agents to ensure the stain adheres correctly. Exterior staining requires consideration of several factors. The wood must be dry with a rough air temperature around 70-degrees Fahrenheit. These specifications are conducive to a strong staining project.

In some cases, it may be necessary to strip the wood of its previous layers. Sealants and other stains could be flaking, for instance, making the wood surface difficult to stain anew. Professionals look over the wood type to verify the right stripping process. All wood needs particular care to preserve its original strength.

The stain goes on next with painters using broad brush strokes. They want to apply the stain with almost no stopping points across the surface. The color should appear like the wood's hue without marks. Professionals use natural-bristle brushes, for instance, to naturally conform to the wood's grain. They always follow this grain to keep the look natural.

Although one stain coat is often enough for more subtle wood looks, homeowners may want a darker tone. A second coat is applied after the first one is completely dry. Along with a darker appearance, the wood has a second protective layer against moisture and physical damage. Professionals use the same brushing techniques to minimize any marks across the wood.

Painting professionals have an eye for staining quality. They'll know immediately if a wood section isn't strong enough for the application. There is often some repair process added to the staining project to maintain a healthy canvas for the color. A deep wood appearance beautifies the entire home.

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