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In order to get the best results from hiring a professional residential painter, a homeowner must first understand what a professional painter does and what results to expect. Residential painters not only paint surfaces, but they also do prep work prior to painting. This includes removing wallpaper, priming walls and sanding rough wood surfaces.

Painters are an excellent source of information for homeowners on subjects like color selection and paint selection. Since they have access to wholesalers who sell paint in bulk, professional painters are often able to purchase their supplies at a drastically reduced price. Before embarking on a painting project, homeowners should have at least a rough idea about the areas they want painted and the colors or finishes desired.

It is important to realize that the color of paint homeowners see in print or the color that appears on a computer screen may not 100 percent match the appearance of the paint once it is on the wall. Paint chips give a little bit truer idea of what the paint will look like once it is on the wall, but still there are factors such as lighting and shading that will change the way the paint looks when it dries. The only way to know for sure how paint will look on the wall is to actually paint a small area and let that serve as a test. A good residential painter will be able to offer valuable advice on how the colors of certain brands of paint change when they dry and as they age. A professional should have an eye for ascetics and slight variations in colors.

The methods painters use will vary depending on the paint being used and the layout of the home. Oil-based paints are applied with rollers, and latex based paints may be applied as a spray.

Prior to beginning a job, a painter will visit the home. A seasoned painter will look at the areas the homeowner wants painted, discuss color and technique and then come up with a reasonable estimate for the job. They will often bring sample boards or samples of paint that a homeowner can put on the wall to get a good idea of how the finished product will look.

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