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Wallpaper now comes in more colors and designs than paint does. From acrylic coated paper and vinyl coated paper to wallpaper that mimics the look of brick and natural stone, few materials are as versatile as wallpaper. Experts working in this medium have special tools and a few tricks up their sleeves that can make papering a house easy.

Homeowners must first decide on the color and style that they want for their project. The installer will then come in and measure the space to determine the amount of wallpaper needed. A seasoned professional may order a few extra square feet to compensate for any problems that might arise.

Before installing the paper, the installer must clean the walls. If there is even a small amount of dust on the walls, it might keep the paper from hanging straight. Installers may use a small amount of soap and some cool water to clean the areas and dry towels to wipe away any excess water.

Hanging the paper involves the use of a level, wallpaper paste and a wallpaper brush. Some newer forms of paper have dry adhesive on the back that activates when exposed to water. This type of paper does not require paste. The installer places the paper in a bucket or bowl of water. If the installer uses wallpaper paste, he or she will apply a thin coating of that paste to the walls and then place the wallpaper on the sticky surface.

After cutting the paper into manageable pieces, a professional wallpaper installer will place one piece on the wall, usually starting in the corner. They press the paper against the wall, starting at the top and moving towards the bottom. A wallpaper brush pressed across all areas of the paper creates a smooth surface and removes any air bubbles. The installer will continue working around the room, cutting and hanging each piece before removing any excess paper and ensuring that the seams of the wallpaper are smooth.

Wallpapering a home is sometimes a better alternative to painting, but adding wallpaper to a room usually requires some help from a professional wallpaper expert.

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